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With Budget Cuts Looming, US Aid Chief Vows To Do More With Less (Reuters)


From the article:

Facing potentially deep budget cuts to U.S. foreign aid, new USAID administrator Mark Green says he needs to do more with less and prove to President Donald Trump that development assistance can further his "America First" agenda...

India and US Benefit from Panned H-1B Work Visa Program – Study (TechWire Asia)


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The Center for Global Development and the University of Michigan have jointly published their findings that report the H-1B visa program has actually been a source of a number of economic benefits for both India and the United States.

These Sugar Barons Built an $8 Billion Fortune With Washington’s Help (Bloomberg Politics)


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As Cuban refugees, the Fanjuls have a familiar story to tell. They fled the revolution. Fidel Castro’s forces seized everything they owned on the island, business interests, homes, a fortune in fine art.