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Trump’s Climate Pullout Could Spell Disaster For Developing Nations (IRIN)


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And, as Jonah Busch, a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development, pointed out, withdrawing from the Paris Agreement is only one of several counterproductive things the Trump administration is doing on the issue.

'Trump's Aid Budget is Breathtakingly Cruel – Cuts Like These Will Kill People' (The Guardian)


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The Trump administration may not see the value in investing in peace, but these budget choices will just mean more people killed by conflict.

The World Bank Has Bigger Problems Than Bad Writing (Bloomberg)


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From an outside perspective, it certainly looks as if the World Bank is an institution in need of great change. And the problem goes far beyond poor communication.

A hugely influential paper found immigration lowers locals’ wages. But a new study says it made a big mistake (The New York Times)


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When immigrants arrive, what happens to locals’ wages?

One of the core arguments of most immigration opponents is that competition from immigrants makes the people who are already in a country worse off.

Trump's Proposed Budget Would Cut $2.2 Billion From Global Health Spending (NPR Goats and Soda)


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Yet advocates for global health programs say they are nonetheless reeling as they pore through this week's more detailed release.

Trump’s budget eliminates US funding for global family planning and famine relief (Vox)


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If Congress were to agree to those cuts (and that’s a big if), advocates say the global impact of America’s abrupt departure from world health and disaster relief would be immediate — and devastating.