an arrow rises into the red on a chart

Another Debt Crisis for Poor Countries?

Almost 20 years after the success of the Highly Indebted Poor Countries initiative, Masood Ahmed sounds the alarm that many low-income countries are in another debt crisis or at risk. 

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A CGD event

What’s Happening at CGD for the IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings?

Join us at CGD for this year’s events, which will focus on innovative and proactive approaches to addressing tomorrow’s development challenges—today.

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Poverty in Nigeria, comparing the north and south over 1980 to 2010

Poverty in Nigeria's North and South

Why is poverty in northern Nigeria so much greater than in the south, and what can be done to close the gap? Dapel Zuhumnan investigates.

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PISA test scores versus country income levels, 2015

Matching Vietnam’s Learning Success

Vietnam’s exemplary performance in math and science isn't an illusion, Maryam Akmal writes—and it shows good education is attainable for low-income countries.

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A health clinic in Zimbabwe

Making Universal Health Coverage a Reality Everywhere

At least half the world’s people don’t have access to essential health services. Amanda Glassman highlights three ways that countries can achieve more health for the money as they work toward universal coverage.

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More Mobilizing and Less Lending at the MDBs

Nancy Lee proposes a new financial model for MDBs to facilitate more risk tolerance, increase mobilization of private finance, and have a greater development impact—through special purpose vehicles.

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A woman smiles in front of a basket of leaves

The Power of Savings for Women

Over one billion women around the world lack access to basic financial services. A new CGD study explores how access to mobile savings could change the equation for women in the developing world.

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Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Lessons from Liberia with Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Twelve years and two terms after Ellen Johnson Sirleaf became Liberia's president and Africas's first-elected woman president, she joins the CGD Podcast to discuss Liberia’s future.

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Silhouette of a mosquito biting a person

Does Deforestation Increase Malaria Rates?

Not in Africa, says a new CGD working paper, contrary to previous studies. Sebastian Bauhoff and Jonah Busch discuss what that means for public health efforts.

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John Bolton speaks at an event
Gage Skidmore

John Bolton Wants to Shut Down the World Bank

National Security Advisor John Bolton has called for privatizing the multilateral development banks. Scott Morris highlights the importance of such institutions for global development.

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