Total IFC Commitments by Country

Why the IFC Taking on Less Risk is Problematic

The International Finance Corporation is designed to make risky investments in developing countries where other investors can't or won't—so why is it taking on less and less risk?

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book cover: Identification Revolution

Can Digital ID Be Harnessed for Development?

In a new CGD book, Alan Gelb and Anna Diofasi Metz examine the opportunities and risks of digital ID systems, and present practical guidance for making ID systems work for development.

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The world at night; the global north is covered in lights, while much of the global south remains dark

Making Modern Energy Access Count: 5 Recommendations

As the World Future Energy Summit approaches, catch up on what’s at stake with CGD’s interactive report on how to improve global energy access—and why billions depend on it.

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Image of World Bank building

Prospects for Economic Growth in the New Year

Will the world’s economic recovery last? On the heels of the World Bank’s Global Economic Prospects 2018, CGD is convening a panel next Tuesday to discuss the future of global growth.

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Collage of screencaps of CGD experts speaking about their predictions for 2018

2018 Global Development Predictions (and Hopes)

What's on the horizon for global development in 2018?

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CGD staff in a meeting

Work With CGD This Year

Looking to start the new year with a new job? Whether you’re starting your career or a global development expert, consider applying for a position with CGD.

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US holiday lights use more electricity than some entire countries in a year, including Laos, Nepal, Senegal, Uganda, and Malawi

Shining a Light on Energy Inequality

US Christmas lights consume more power than some countries do in a year. That’s not a call to stop decorating, Todd Moss says, but to find a way to meet the energy needs of every human being.

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Collage of experts from "looking ahead to 2018" video

Development in 2018: Where are We Headed?

What’s on the horizon for global development in 2018? CGD scholars share their insights and hopes for the year ahead.

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Flags outside the UN

The Global Compact on Migration

The Compact has the potential to grow economies, says Kate Gough. In order to achieve that, we need to consider more innovative approaches that focus on partnerships and international cooperation.

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Aadhaar survey respondents give a show of hands when discussing issues with receiving rations

What a New Survey of Aadhaar Users Tells Us

CGD researchers bring new data to the debate around Aadhaar, the world's largest biometric ID system, previewing of the results of a large-scale household survey in Rajasthan.

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